I Have Loved Dogs For as Long as I Can Remember! 

Kay Attwood announced as a finalist for the  
KCAI Dog Trainer of the year Award, 2017!  

Parson Jack Russell x Border Collie 
Kay Attwood 
Owner of Kay9® Services 
Jack Russell x Basenji 
Now that I am working with dogs daily, it really is a dream come true and living the dream since 2005! 
Kay9 Services is a family run business by Kay Attwood and her husband, Laurie Attwood. Laurie is the company dog walker (and general maintenance man)! and Kay is responsible for all other services. 
Kay was born in 1964 and always had two loves in her life - dogs and singing. She lives in Frimley, Surrey having went to school and grew up in Aldershot, Hampshire. 
Kay has learned her skills from a number of internationally prominent trainers and lecturers, such as – Dr. Susan Friedman, Ken Ramirez, Grisha Stewart, Chirag Patel, Michelle Pouliot, Emily Larlarm, Kay Laurence, Kathy Sdao, Emma Parsons etc and many more! 
Many well known dog trainers also choose Kay’s dog training school when it comes to training with their own dogs, as well as some prominent celebrities! You can’t get better validation than that! 
With a particular interest in Cognitive learning, Kay specializes in dog aggression, behaviour problems, rescue dog rehabilitation, 
and uses force free, fun training to resolve the issues that some dogs have, whether they are mild or severe problems. 
Kay loves working with dogs and studying their behaviour. She tries to attend as many seminars, workshops and conferences up and down the country, so that she can offer you and your dog the best possible service, attending many from the world’s leading trainers. On an average week, Kay trains with approximately 300 dogs - All breeds, all sizes, all ages!  
She has 2 dogs of her own, Gibson, a Jack Russell cross Basenji, and Flynn a Jack Russell cross Collie. They both have lots of character - that's what she adores about them! 
Kay also offers Mentorship programs for those wishing to improve their canine knowledge or perhaps become a dog trainer themselves, Many local businesses in the local area started on a mentorship program with Kay9 Services and now have their own successful businesses! 
Kay is very happy to give complimentary talks and demonstrations at schools and youth clubs. 
Kay9 Services provide a comprehensive range of puppy training and adult dog training courses. Have a look at what some of our customers have to say on our Testimonials page. 

We are open and honest with all our customers and take the time to answer  
all your questions without any obligation. 
We are insured with Cliverton - The leading insurers of animal related industries. 

At Kay9, we use only force free methods to train your dog, so you can be assured we use no force, pain or intimidation and we adhere to our strict Code of Conduct at all times. 

At Kay9®, we train with our brain, not pain! 

I look forward to meeting you and your dogs! 

Passionate about dogs - Positive about training! 
that's the Kay9® Way! 

Call Us On 
0775 8288 478 or 01276 25544 
and we will assess the training needs of your pet 
"Money can buy you a great dog - but it wont buy you the wag of its tail"! 
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