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Online Classroom! 
Kay9 Services ‘Train Your Dog Online’  
is a new service in a long list of dog related services for you and your dog! 
Dog Obedience Courses available to do in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. 
• Perfect for puppies up to the age of 8 months 
Puppies that have not yet had all vaccinations 
• Great for young dogs that have had no training at all 
• Great for building confidence in rescue dogs of all ages 
Perfect for dogs that couldnt cope well in a class environment 
6 Modules covering all the basics and life skills for a confidence and well balanced puppy. 
We are offering the opportunity for you to teach your puppy at home or at the office, to suit your time schedule and in the comfort of your own home. You can discover how exciting and easy it is to train your puppy to a standard so that you can start to enjoy each other and your life together going forward. 
Guaranteed fun and effective puppy training for busy individuals. 
Our methods are suitable for all breeds, up to the age of 8 months or for newly rescued dogs that have had no training whatsoever – Everyone needs to start somewhere! 
The training can be carried out by any member of the family (children should always be supervised). This will help your puppy learn if everyone is consistently following the same methods, cues and hand signals. 
You’ll discover that training your dog can be the best fun ever and once you start to see the results; you’ll be inspired to try MORE! 
If required, you have access to your support trainer via live webinar session, one per module. 
More than a classroom! 
Watch this space, we are working on putting the perfect program together for you so that you can learn together at home or at the office! 
Kay Attwood 
KCAI Dog Trainer of the Year Award! 
Nominated by the public and shortlisted by a panel at The Kennel Club. Highlighting how they believed Kay has made a truly positive difference to the health and welfare of dogs. 
Kay was awarded at Crufts 2019, the prestigious Kennel Club Accredited Instructors Scheme (KCAI Scheme) 2018 Trainer of the Year! 
The Home of Professional Dog Training 
Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Kay9 Services Newsletter! 
We keep this newsletter updated as regularly as possible, so you can check back in and read it on line whenever you choose.  
Separation Anxiety 
Separation anxiety is a disorder in which a dog experiences excessive anxiety regarding separation from owners or their home, to whom they have a strong emotional attachment. Generally this attachment is with a particular member of the family. 
Many owners leave the house without knowing the full extend of the anguish their absence has on their dog. Many assume that the dog just sleeps, or if they are aware that they bark when first left, they assume that the dog just stops and then settles down. The emotional turmoil some dogs suffer various in degrees dog to dog. Some owners of course have no idea that their dogs suffers from Separation Anxiety until a neighbour complains or they return home to destruction. 
We work hard at establishing a bond from puppy hood, but sometimes, if we don't train the dog to be alone in the house, they cannot cope when they are left and this can be very detrimental to the mindset and welfare of your dog AND you! 
Contrary to belief, the cure is NOT leaving them alone in the house. Careful steps should be taken to slowly wean the dog off from needing your company in the home before you should leave them completely. 
Separation Anxiety keeps me especially busy each year during January to March after the Christmas holidays and after school holidays, when dogs find themselves home alone after periods of busy households and plenty of company. 
My 'Training to be Home Alone' leaflet will talk you through the various stages to help your dog cope and get them feeling better without needing to be with you constantly. 
It could be the best download you'll ever get! 
Separation Anxiety WEBINAR! 
A webinar on line, to listen to 'Dog Trainer of the Year' Kay Attwood talk about separation Anxiety. How to avoid it and how to treat it! 
Only £20.00 per ticket 
Summer advice for dogs 
The summer months mean that you get to spend a bit more time outside. We’ve had some great spring weather – let’s hope it continues. 
(Courtesy of Medivet Frimley Green) 
Summertime in the UK 
It’s been an unusual year so far and many people’s routines have changed. However, school is now officially out and with lockdown measures being relaxed, many people are looking forward to enjoying summer as we get used to our ‘new normal’. 
With more people spending their summer in the UK, there’s more opportunity to enjoy a break or a day out with your dog. We’ve pulled together some advice that will help you to keep your dog happy and healthy this summer. 
Fun in the water 
Many dogs can’t resist the urge to jump into an inviting lake or pond, especially if the sun’s out and they’re feeling warm. 
Can your dog swim? 
It’s a myth that all dogs can swim because they do doggy paddle. If it’s the first time that your dog will be playing in or around water, make sure they start out in very shallow water, so you can help if the need arises. If your dog isn’t keen then don’t force the matter, if they see other dogs having fun – they might well be tempted to join in. 
Blue-Green Algae 
This is highly toxic to dogs and can be found in some ponds and lakes across the UK. It looks like a green algae forming on the top of the water. Read our advice article on how to protect your dog from blue-green algae. 
On the beach 
If you’re spending time at the beach, it’s best to stay with your dog as they enjoy splashing around. This way, you can keep an eye on the tide coming in or the size of the waves. You can also make sure that your dog isn’t drinking too much seawater. The high salt content of seawater can cause problems for your dog’s stomach. Try and make sure they have had a good drink of fresh water before they start paddling. 
Rock pools provide a great opportunity to explore but look out for sea urchins and jellyfish that can give a nasty sting if your dog gets too close. Symptoms of a sting include vomiting, swelling, excessive licking and difficulty breathing. If you suspect your dog has been stung, contact your nearest vet straight away. 
Keeping cool 
If you’re just having fun at home, garden sprinklers can provide you and your dog with hours of entertainment. They’ll love running around and splashing about with you and all with the added benefits of fresh water to drink and keeping cool. 
On dry land 
If you are going to be using the summer to explore more of the UK or are just walking more in your own area, there are a few things to be aware of. 
Keep your dog on a lead 
If you are exploring an area for the first time, we’d recommend that you keep your dog on a lead until you are sure of your surroundings and have made sure that it’s safe. If your dog is good at returning to you on command that’s great, but if they aren’t then it’s sensible to keep them on the lead at all times. Just in case they are ‘spooked’ by something or somebody, you need to know they aren’t going to run away. 
Coastal Walks 
Always keep your dog on a lead when walking along coastal cliffs and give yourself plenty of space away from the edge; even the most agile dog can trip up on an uneven surface. 
Many British coastlines are a haven for native wildlife, including endangered seabirds like puffins. Prevent your dog from getting too close and disrupting their habitat and of course be mindful of picking up after your dog in all situations 
Grass seeds 
If you are walking inland and venture into overgrown fields or parks, you should check your dog afterwards for grass seeds or better still avoid these areas altogether. Read our advice article on grass seeds here. 
Bites and stings 
Bee and wasp stings 
Bees and wasps are essential for pollinating our natural environment. While we’re aware of the risk of being stung, this isn’t the case for dogs, and flying insects are often a source of curiosity and entertainment. 
Your dog may get stung at some point and most of the time, a sting will cause only minor pain and irritation. Don’t try to pick out the sting with tweezers, as this can squeeze more venom out. Instead, use a rigid piece of card to gently scrape the stinger away. Wrap an ice pack in a towel and apply to the area to reduce swelling and ease the pain. 
However, if your dog is stung several times inside the mouth or throat it can be serious and will require a trip to your vet. Just like humans, some dogs may have a severe allergic reaction to the chemicals in the sting. 
Symptoms of an allergic reaction include: 
General weakness 
Breathing difficulties 
Excessive swelling 
If your dog is having an allergic reaction, contact your vet immediately, as the swelling can block the airway and become serious. 
Adder Bites 
In certain areas of the UK, there is a risk of your dog being bitten by an adder. Adders are not known for their aggression, they will only bite in self-defence and this can be a problem for curious dogs that come across them when they are bounding about. Read more here. 
Ticks are most prevalent between May and October and tend to be found in grassy, wooded areas. It’s important to thoroughly check your dog for ticks after walks in these areas. 
If you spot a tick, don’t be tempted to remove it with tweezers; ticks latch on tightly and you can end up removing its body but leaving part of the mouth, causing irritation and infection. You can purchase a special tick remover or talk to your vet. If a tick is removed within 24 hours, infection can be prevented. 
To protect your dog, use an effective parasite treatment that kills ticks within two days. Your vet will be able to prescribe a tick treatment that’s best suited to your dog. More information on ticks can be found here. 
In the garden 
It’s also worth considering the summer risks when you are closer to home. 
Barbecue Season 
The great British barbecue is synonymous with summer, but it’s important to be mindful of the hazards it can create for your dog. 
Keep charcoal and gas canisters well out of paw’s reach, and don’t let your dog get too close to the hot barbecue itself; charcoal barbeques can spit unexpectedly. 
The abundance of food around – particularly barbecued meat – will be irresistible to most dogs, but don’t be tempted to overfeed them. Cooked and uncooked fat trimmings can cause pancreatitis, whilst bones can splinter and become lodged in your pet’s mouth. Don’t forget that onions are highly toxic to dogs too. 
With all this in mind, let your friends and family know not to feed their leftovers to the dog, no matter how much they plead. Instead, have a few healthy dog treats nearby to distract them. 
Keen gardeners will take advantage of warmer weather, but if you're tackling some of the bigger jobs, such as mowing the lawn or trimming hedges, it’s a good idea to keep your dog inside. 
While many dogs will be scared of the loud noise, others may decide to investigate and have a sniff around dangerous garden tools and end up with cut noses or paws. 
Pesticides, fertilisers, weed killer and slug pellets can also be highly toxic, so it’s essential to keep your dog from exploring areas of the garden where these have been used. If you have a compost heap, it will be full of bacteria, you should think about a way to ensure that your dog doesn’t start digging around in it. 
Lungworm is a type of parasitic worm that can infect dogs. It is found in slugs and snails and the trails that they leave. It can be fatal for dogs, but you can protect your dog by ensuring that this is covered in their regular parasite care. Read more here. 
If the temperature rises 
If we are lucky enough to see some higher temperatures over the coming weeks, there are some great tips here on keeping your dog cool and safe. 
Obedience Start Dates at a glance: 
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Yateley - Friday Daytime  
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Hawley Thursday Evening 

Mytchett - Monday Evening 

Puppy Socialisation 
Our popular sessions run on a Sunday (see website for dates) and occasionally we also run social walks just for puppies! 
Always check the on-line calendar first! 
It's FUN to FOCUS!  
We hold these when possible due to other events. It is advisable to always check the on line calendar first! 
These are held at our Hawley Venue. A must for dogs with a lack of self control and over excitement! 
Various Workshops 
Recall (part one and two), Loose Lead and Reactivity (part one and two), - as well as many others presented all over the UK 
We are now booking for the next round of workshops locally. 
Private Workshops 
Team up with your fellow dog owner friends for a workshops designed to your very own needs and share the cost between you and your friends, tailor made to your requirements! 
Please book early to avoid disappointment! 
We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your valued support 
(Inside) - St. Johns Ambulance, Youth Activity Centre, Hawley, Farnborough, Hants  
and (outside) - Kay9 Haven, Mytchett 
£15 per Puppy 
These sessions are held on occasional Sundays. Please see the website calendar for session dates.  
Puppy's up to 8 months of age only - Please bring your puppies bed, a stuffed Kong and your puppies favourite treats and your vaccination certificate if you have not attended a Kay9 event before. 
Social Skill is such an important aspect of puppy hood and should therefore be carried out in the correct manner. Watch your puppy interact with other puppies, learning positive social skills on and off lead in a controlled environment. 
A social interaction through play with various toys and lots of other distractions. 
A great opportunity for your puppy to learn at its own pace how to interact and explore their surroundings, along with people and puppies present. 
Ask us about our puppy social walks! 
WORKSHOPS - The Kay9® Way!  
Recall Prt 1 & 2 £80.00: 
Loose Lead £ 50.00 
Book early to avoid disappointment! 
Price £40.00 
There is only one Kay9 - The Kay9® Way!  
Second-to-non for all your dogs needs! 
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Private Workshops -The Kay9® Way!  
We offer tailored workshops to suit your needs.  
Why not get together with some friends for a private session with our trainer and behaviourist to perfect a few issues you may have? All dogs should be comfortable in the presence of each other, although ample space will be provided where necessary 
Recall, Retrieve, Loose Lead, Impulse Control, General Obedience, Behavioural - You choose the subject! 
Max 8 friends per workshop)!  
Could you voluntarily foster a dog or cat? 
Long or short term!? 
Fostering involves assisting a rescue centre by fostering dogs that are perhaps not coping with the confinement and stress of kennels. 
Often a homeless dog stands a better chance of being adopted from a foster home when they are not suffering from stress and therefore able to show their true personality. You will be helping to alleviate this suffering by enabling a dog to have some return to normality instead of the traumatic confinement of kennels. 
This is also helpful to a rescue centre as it enables them to free up kennel space and therefore assist more dogs in need. 
Most organisations will request that foster carers are home based or do not leave a foster dog for longer than 4 hours. All fostering agreements differ, so please ensure you discuss this fully when applying. 
07763 356 338 
07766 021 465 
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