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Owned & run by Kay Attwood and veterinary recommended, Kay9® Services offers first class professional dog training instruction and canine behavioural advice in a relaxed, friendly and fun atmosphere.  
COVID 19 - Lockdown has had an impact on everyone , but Kay9 Services are glad to say, that our Puppy, Beginners and Intermediate classes are still running as follows: 
- LIVE on line classes - 
(Puppy, Beginners, Intermediate, Recall) 
- Physical outside classes - 
(Recall, Puppy Obedience, Socialisation) 
(All classes are in keeping with current government guidlines) 

Local Dog Trainer  
wins prestigious Dog Training Award! 

- Crufts 2019 -  
Kay Attwood of Kay9 Services 
Dog Trainer of the Year! 
The KCAI Trainer of the Year award recognizes the outstanding talents of dog training instructors, who are members of the KCAI Scheme. 
Kay has always had in intense love of all animals from early childhood and in particular dogs.  
Since 2005, Kay has run her own very successful dog training school – Kay9 Services - offering an array of weekly classes, workshops and lectures to members of the public as well as other dog training professionals. 
In later years, Kay has been invited to bring her hugely popular workshops (Platforms, Cognitive Skills, Focus and Impulsivity, Brain Games for Classes) all over Britain and has been invited to speak at prestigious conferences worldwide. 
In 2017, Kay was shortlisted by The Kennel Club as one of 5 UK dog trainers to receive the honorary ‘KCAI Dog Trainer of the Year Award’. The following year, she was voted as 'Dog Trainer of the Year' and presented the title in front of the crowds at Crufts 2019. 
"Inspiring trainer that helps put complex behaviours into easy to follow steps for both dog and human to follow and succeed. She has helped give me the confidence to move forward in my training and has re-lit my fire, driving me to do more with my dogs; helping me to help my clients find that fire within them. Her platform training techniques has completely changed the way I look at and train some behaviours, particularly distance work. Awesome lady". 
She is also a KCAI student member and an assessor for the Kennel Club. 
Kay is a certified Victoria Stillwell dog trainer and mentor, as well as a full member of the Pet Professional Guild, PPG webinar presenter and a member of the committee for the Registration Council for Dog trainers and Behaviourists. She is also a Gold member of the Academy of Dog Trainers and Behaviour and a Gold ADTB assessor and founder member of D.O.G Local. 
Her achievements include the KCAI Dog Trainer of the Year 2018, award successful sales of her Platform Training DVD, with other books for cognition etc in the pipeline, as well as building her Kay9 brand throughout the UK, delivering workshops and lectures  
Kay with her KCAI Dog Trainer of the Year 2018 Award on the Victoria Stilwell Stand at Crufts 2019 
within the dog training industry at a high standard.  
She is the only trainer in the UK that currently presents Platforms and Cognition workshops and lectures to both members of the public and dog training professionals throughout the World. She continues to add niche subjects to her repertoire, resulting in a full diary and waiting list for tickets. 
Kay uses only force-free methods involving no pressure, pain or intimidation and adheres to a strict Code of Conduct at all times. Her tag line is ‘I like to train with the brain – not pain’! 
Kay attends as many seminars, workshops and conferences, to ensure her Continued Professional Development is up to date with the latest scientific findings and has attended many from the world’s leading animal trainers. 
"Kay is a motivator. She will go above and beyond for her clients"! 
"Kay Attwood is an amazing communicator both with people and dogs. She speaks easy to understand language and without being patronizing". 
Founded in 2006 by Kay Attwood, Kay9 Services is internationally recognized as an institution of excellence in training and behaviour 

"Great training is a dialogue - not a monologue" 
Susan Friedman  
"A good dog trainer 
teaches the simplicity in the complex 
and the complexity in the simple" 
Emily Larlam - Kikopup  

"We wont label your dog - we will work with you in order to make a lasting change". Kay Attwood 

Call Us On 
0775 8288 478 or 01252 645110 
and we will assess the training needs of your pet 


Passionate - Positive - Proactive - Personal 

Kay9 Services are proud to be members of the following esteemed organisations 

Certified Victoria Stilwell Academy Dog Trainer 


Certified Victoria Stilwell Academy Mentor 
Member of the Registration Council for Dog Training and Behaviour Practitioners 
Registration ID No RS16-C06 
Certified Animal Behaviourist 
Certified Animal Trainer 
Full Member: 
Certified Canine Behaviourist 
Approved Behaviourist and Trainer 

Certified Dog Trainer 

Member ID 41767146 
Approved Trainer 

Founder member of Dog Local - Your local trusted professionals 

Full Member 
Level One and Level Two 
Full Member of the  
Pet Professional Guild 

Membership No 515 

Gold member and Assessor with the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour 

Full Member 

Full Member 
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